Our History

Our plans are to post the old photos, consolidate family genealogy data, take information, display our various family trees, etc.  Al Classen, our family historian has done a lot a work here and so has Elaine Nelke Swyt.  This along with others who have gathered various information over the years need to be consolidated into one database that can be grown and shared.

Did  you know that Elaine and husband, Joe visited Poland in July, 2007 and confirmed what we had suspected. We uncovered the missing link to 2 villages there where ancestor John Nelke and his wife, Katherine Kolosa, were born.  It seems, we ARE actually Polish, in part.  Nelke is not a stolen name off of a sign or whatever.  It is actually our family name.

Resources & Family Trees

If there are more like this, please let me know.  Thanks.

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