“The Celebration of Life” of Charles “Chuck” Nelke

Charles “Chuck” Nelke died on January 3, 2018.  He was just shy of 90 years.  We celebrated his very full and interesting life on Wednesday, Jan 10th, 2018 at St. Joseph Church.  He was buried at Calvary Cemetery in Mt. Angel alongside the “love of his life,” Lorraine, who passed away just over 3 years ago.  This year they would have been married 70 years. They are together again. 

 Obituary from Statesman Journal

Click to view (pdf)    (2 errors: Dad was born in Charleston, not Fort Smith and he was based in San Diego but in the Navy, not at Camp Pendleton.)

Link online: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/statesmanjournal/obituary.aspx?n=charles-nelke-chuck&pid=187748856&fhid=7982  

“Remembrances” (Eulogy)

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Notes to Monsignor (Bio) for Homily

Click to view (pdf)

Mass Program

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Collages at Reception

Photos at Mass

Photos at Reception

Remembrances from Craig Spooner

Craig was planning to speak at the Reception but didn’t have the opportunity.  Here are his remembrances.

Click to view (.pdf)

Photos at Graveside

Movie of Military Honors Ceremony & Presentation of Flag

Please turn up the volume to max.  

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