Meatball Recipe

Meatball Sauce

1 c       ketchup
¾ c      chili sauce (Heinz)

½ c      brown sugar (more or less to taste) (I used the Splenda kind)
1 can    tomato paste
¼ c      molasses
2 T       Dijon mustard  (or I used jar of hot dog relish)
2 T       Worcestershire sauce or ¼ c low salt soy sauce
¼ c      cider vinegar
½ t       salt (or to taste)
1 c       water
a jar of grape jelly
1 t        Tabasco  (or I used ½ jar of hot pepper jelly

Mix all together and pour over about 4 dozen frozen or semi thawed Costco meatballs and cook them in a covered slow cooker for about 5 hours. Enough for 15 people as a buffet item.


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